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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Starfield - Starfield

They are a highly praised Canadian band, and now Sparrow Records has brought them to America. Bringing their brand of worship-filled acoustic pop/rock, Starfield releases their self-titled debut. MercyMe comparisons are present, as well as ties to many other contemporary bands flooding the market. But fans of the genre will feel right at home, as well as anyone looking for a solid disc of praise to God.

The album opens with the prelude which could easily have been placed as an intro on the next track, "Filled with Your Glory," because that’s all it essentially is. The song itself is very catchy, as is the entire disc. But there is nothing very special about Starfield’s music that sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

However, if songs of praise and worship are your thing (And they should be everyone’s "thing"), then you might find a soft spot for Starfield. All of this disc’s eleven songs (not counting the prelude) are about beautiful encounters with God, and longing to never leave His presence. "Over My Head" is seven-plus minutes, as it marvels in wonder and awe at the beauty of God....

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